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A personal note from Steven Kotler, Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective
From: Steven Kotler

Subject: I want to help you protect your attention, while everyone else panics and falls behind.
21st Century life is a distraction bloodbath...

Chances are that your attention is getting slaughtered alive…

You know what we’re talking about:
Finally, you’re ready to start working on something important.

But, then your phone pings you...

You get sucked in by a new text that causes you to check your email…
Then, you get lost in email for fifteen minutes, finally, you’re ready to re-start work again...

But then a colleague comes over urgently needing something...

This throws you into a reactive state for the THIRD DAMN TIME!

It’s infuriating, and it’s all too familiar.
Finally, you get back into it, but at this point, your mind is so scattered and pulled in different directions that you end up distracting YOURSELF!

You check Instagram, Twitter and then just to make sure you haven’t missed anything... a quick scroll through Slack and email.
All of a sudden two hours have gone by and you’ve barely focused on doing your most important work for more than five minutes!

It’s like your mind is constantly caught between modes; wanting to focus, but never being given the chance to.

And this destroys your overall productivity...

It’s tough to even count how many times the workday has ended and you feel like you’ve barely accomplished anything that actually mattered.
But here’s the thing:


There is a war out there for your attention.
There are 7.7 billion people on Earth: 4.24 billion of them are on the Internet, 2.27 billion of them are active monthly on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram.

All of these people want YOUR attention.
They want you to hear them, see them, like them, talk to them, follow them, love them, understand them, buy from them.

They want to claw their way into your mind and steal your attention from you.
And this war on attention is destroying your ability to focus.

Now here's the GOOD NEWS:

The 21st-century distraction bloodbath poses a HUGE opportunity.
If you learn how to protect your attention and focus for long periods, totally uninterrupted, you’ll blaze ahead of everyone else...

While everyone else is swiping Instagram, checking email, gossiping with coworkers, scrolling LinkedIn...
YOU can be deeply focused, totally in flow, blazing through your highest priority work, leaving everyone else for dust...

This is the high-flow advantage.
At the EXACT time that focusing and getting into deep flow states is harder than ever.

Being in that freaky productive, totally uninterrupted state is more valuable than ever.

The big, complex problems and the speed at which we’re moving in the 21st century demands deep focus and flow.

If you can harness the high-flow advantage, by learning how to be one of the few people who can focus, the opportunity is enormous.

This is where Distraction Disruptor becomes your friend.

You will make simple changes over a few days to help you harness the “high flow advantage.”

Join us for 7 modules, on demand. In one short burst, you can learn the cutting edge neuroscience-based tools to help you double down on what’s important to you and block out all the noise.
Understanding 21st Century Distraction So You Can Fight Back & Access Flow State
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. How your brain is being rewired by your technology without your consent
  2. The neurobiological reasons that you’re attention span is shrinking every year
  3. Exactly how bad the level of distraction is, and how to begin fighting back
The 5 Keys To Annihilating Self-Distraction
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. Why over 50% of distractions are self-imposed!
  2. What is happening in your brain when you distract yourself
  3. How to develop monk-like impulse control to avoid incessant email checking, instagram scrolling and notification hunger
  4. How to protect yourself from information overload to reduce self-distraction and mind-wandering
How To Optimize Your Smartphone & Laptop For Hyper-Focus
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. The exact 23 settings you need to put on your smartphone and laptop on to protect your attention and get into a flow state
  2. What the smartphone setup of the world’s most elite performers looks like
  3. How to make your technology work FOR you, rather than being a slave to your technology
The 7 Best Tech Tools To Fight Distraction & Improve Focus
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. All of the best tech tools to fight distraction and how to set them up on your smartphone and laptop
  2. How to use these tools to eliminate all distraction from your life forever
  3. How to stop jumping from one thing to another and focus relentlessly on your work until it’s done
Escaping Technological Slavery & Becoming The Master Again
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. How to have your technology actually work for you to accelerate your progress rather then just turning your phone off
  2. How to peel technology out of your everyday experience so you can think, breath and blast into flow states
  3. How to drive yourself DEEP into a flow state by annihilating technological distraction
Dealing With OTHERS: How To Switch Off Without Becoming Cut-Off
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. The exact phrases to say to your boss, coworkers and colleagues to get them to let you focus
  2. How to justify “going offline” and unplugging to everyone you work with and interact with
  3. How to remove all distraction from your environment—noises, people, even meetings
Sustaining Focus Over The Long-Term
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. The exact steps you need to take to maintain focus over the long-term so you don’t get sucked back into distraction hell
  2. How to become the most intensely focused person you know
  3. The keys to elite performance outside of distraction management

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Q&A With Steven Kotler on the Future and Technology.

A deep dive session with Steven Kotler where he shares his insight on how technology is advancing and what you need to do to harness it, so you don’t get pummeled by it.

Q&A With Steven Kotler on the science of distraction and success.

Another deep dive session with Steven Kotler where you’ll learn why staying focused is the secret formula to building lasting success and making an impact.

Here are the results you can expect and the skills you will learn in just one short week:

Learn how to fight impulse control and eliminate self-distraction so you can focus on what’s in front of you.
Learn how to limit distractions from others. Be in charge of your time, your work, and your results.
Remove the noise of apps, notifications, and the demands everyone else has on your time.
Take advantage of simple tools and workflows. Save your attention for what matters.
Create a healthy relationship with technology so your devices are working for YOU and your goals.
Create blank space in your life and take advantage of boredom so you can unlock your creativity.

We help people like you, fight distraction, so you can live and work in the zone.

Join Steven Kotler, Rian Doris, and six other PhD level peak performance coaches from the Flow Research Collective. With shared experience from flow science, neuroscience, psychology, and time spent working with the largest corporations in the world on peak performance and high output work, you are in great hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that’s not answered here, send us an email at

What happens after I enroll?
After you enroll you’ll be immediately invited to join our digital community and training platform where you can access the community discussions, the 7 modules of Distraction Disruptor, and any included enrollment bonuses that are included when you make your purchase.
How does the 7-day training work?
You’ll be able to instantly access all 7 modules. If you’re feeling ambitious you can tackle them all at once, but we recommend blocking out 1 hour a day for 7 days in a row so you can watch the video content and implement the changes.
What is the time commitment and schedule for this class?
Although we say that the course is a week long, you are free to go at your own pace. We recommend completing each of the 7 modules over a week, but you can go as fast or as slow as you want. Each module is 18—30 minutes and there will be additional tasks that you’ll want to budget time for each day.
What if I miss a day? Can I go back and access it later?
Absolutely. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the course materials and you can rewatch them, replay them, and enjoy them as often as you like.
Who is this class for?
Anyone who gets paid for their ability to think and has been finding the need to strengthen focus — If you work on a computer, have a smartphone, work with other people, or work by using your brain for problem-solving, creative expression, and the completion of tasks.
How much technical knowledge do I need for this course?
If you can navigate around your smartphone or computer and you know how to find your system settings, you have all the technical knowledge you need. The tips, apps, and workflows are very simple to implement and the training focuses primarily on the mental aspect of avoiding distraction.
What tools and equipment do I need for this class? Do I need an iPhone?
The video training is specifically designed for iPhones and Mac operating systems, but the settings and the principles are universal. If you are on an android phone and/or a windows operating system, there will be a downloadable PDF that will walk you through how to implement all of the same settings.
Will I get direct feedback from Rian Doris or Steven Kotler?
Yes, Rian & Steven will be on the platform to answer your questions. You’ll also be able to ask questions to the rest of the Flow Research Collective team. All of whom are PhD’s and world-leading performance coaches.
How much does the class cost?
This class retails for $290 for lifetime access. You have access to it on this page for a fraction of that.
What if I’m too busy right now? Can I enroll later?
We plan on keeping enrollment for this course open as long as it’s helping our clients, but this special pricing along with the bonuses on this page, are temporary.
What if it’s not what I expect? Can I get my money back?
If the course isn’t what you expected or you don’t see the results you were hoping for contact us within 60-days for a full and immediate refund. We only request that you complete the course and tell us why it didn’t work for you so we can make it ever better.

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