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Are you ready to become the successful published author you’ve always wanted to be?

Discover how to become a world-class writer to take your personal brand to the next level. Learn how to craft sentences that mesmerize, paragraphs that spellbind, and books that’ll put you on the New York Times’ Bestseller list.

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“Steven’s workshop will probably end up adding millions of dollars to my career. I know it’ll make me happier, reduce friction in my life and improve my creative output.”
- Tucker Max, 4 x NYT Bestselling Author & CEO of Book In A Box

An in-depth, comprehensive writing training program for purpose-driven leaders who want to publish their work.

Flow for Writers is a masterclass in word-smithing, flow hacking and
creativity turbo-boosting that will seriously level up your game.

What will it help you accomplish?

Perfect your message - When it comes to making an impact with words, anything less than perfect will turn your audience off completely. Not only do your words need to be clear, bold, and compelling, they need to resonate with your specific audience. This course will guide you through how to make this happen, fast.
Create your masterpiece - Whether it’s a framework you’ve developed or your personal story, you have a book inside you waiting to burst open. This course will arm you with the skills to put it all together in a way that’ll make your message memorable… even long after your readers have consumed your work.
Spread your influence - Seasoned authors know that writing a book is only half the battle. The other half? Getting it out into the world and in the hands and hearts of your fans. This course has boiled that down to a science for you, turning the distribution and promotion process into a predictable and scalable framework to attract the audience of your dreams.

 A two-day boot camp designed to give you a far more meaningful and profitable life as a writer.

This is your chance to join 4x New York Times bestselling author and 2x Pulitzer Prize nominee for Flow For Writers and learn the process, skills, and frameworks to make your writing more effective, more satisfying, and more profitable.

Flow for Flow for Writers will help if…

If you’ve been feeling confused and frustrated, as if you hit a wall you can’t seem to break through with your writing…
If you’re noticing you’ve hit a plateau in your abilities as a writer and can’t seem to do better than you’ve been doing for a while…
If you know that adding a book to your marketing funnel will take it from good to great, but you have absolutely no idea where to start…
If you spend way too much time on the editing phase that you keep pushing back deadlines and project launches...
If you have a crippling fear of failure that keeps you from committing to projects, or a sense of perfectionism that prevents you from going public with your work…
If you’re clueless about how to promote your future masterpiece and how to turn it from just another book into a potential New York Times Bestseller…

Get ahead of the curve by tapping into decades of Steven Kotler's knowledge

Under Kotler’s guidance, you’ll uncover the secrets to compelling, clear writing that easily achieves what it sets out to do, whether it’s selling more books, pushing a product launch, entertaining readers, or educating them.

By the time you’re done with the course, you’ll find out...
The secrets to writing a six-figure book proposal — something no one ever teaches you, because the competition for book deals out there is mega-fierce.
How to properly plan and schedule a daily routine to improve flow and creativity in a short period of time.
Exactly what goes into crafting a bestseller. As much as you might want to romanticize book creation, the process is much more formulaic than you’ve been led to believe.
How to spend less time writing and editing, and more time reaping the rewards of all your hard work. You'll learn how to properly structure sessions, lay plots, and feed the pattern recognition system.
How to borrow style from other writers and find your voice. Whoever said you shouldn’t copy other people wasn’t thinking of the big picture. You need to learn what others are doing so you can better uncover your unique voice and approach.
How to leverage biology to drive reader engagement, by tapping into the things that naturally make us tick.
How to navigate the unwelcome emotional turmoil that writing often produces (words have a way of stabbing you like steak knives if you’re not careful).
How to learn about something and then write about it in an engaging way that builds communities, and sells.
How to overcome writer’s block for good and be able to effortlessly write at your best, even when you feel like you’re at your worst.
How to use the 80/20 secrets of killer punctuation, so you never make any embarrassing grammar errors ever again.
The learning doesn’t stop here, either.

Once you’ve graduated from the course, you’ll be added to the highly-exclusive writer alum support group. Here, you’ll get ongoing mentorship, accountability, and peer-to-peer coaching to level up even faster.

A science-based approach to mastering the art of writing.

Writing boot camps all over the world base their programs on skillsets and knowledge, but Flow for Writers is different.

More than just teaching you writing fundamentals, it’s about mastering little-known psychology tricks and using experiential learning to get ahead so you can become a world-class writer.

The research on flow science is beyond compelling:
McKinsey found a 500% increase in productivity by executives who regularly access flow states.
Harvard found subjects to have THREE DAYS of heightened creativity after the flow state.
Advanced Brain Monitoring & Darpa found subjects to have a 490% increase in skill acquisition.
The University of Sydney found subjects to have a 430% increase in creative problem-solving!

This course is based entirely on the scientific research conducted by Steven Kotler himself over a span of 30 years.

Flow for Writers is the result of a synthesis of neuroscience, optimal psychology, and experiential learning. When combined with Steven's 30+ years of experience as an award-winning journalist, author and researcher it makes for a unique and ruthlessly effective combination. 

This course is ready to teach you...

How to tap into a state of creativity that helps words flow easily, increasing productivity and problem-solving skills by over 400 percent. If you do this enough you can train your brain.
How to push through and unlock your creative potential, even if you’re not feeling your best. Creativity is an essential skill for thriving in the 21st century, and yet 75% of society believes they aren’t as creative as they could be.
How to overcome obstacles and remain productive throughout the workday. Uncover the triggers that impede your flow so you know how to best handle them.
How to reset your nervous system and eliminate the fear of failing for good. Once you learn how to do this, it’ll change your writing habits forever.
How to exercise your brain the right way. As it turns out, we are at our most creative at the age of 5, and slowly lose touch with our creative sides over time. With the right exercises, you can not only remain creative, but skilled at writing.

Learn about our five-phase process.

Through a combination of course work, a live-training intensive workshop, followup work and coaching, and access to a writer's alum support group, you will seriously level up your craft and skill.
Phase 1: The Writing Craft
This phase is designed to help you build a solid foundation of knowledge. It features a detailed overview of the writing process, as well as lessons on writing fundamentals. Paired with live exercises, you’ll hone your skillset in no time. You’ll learn...
  1. How to steal styles and use them to find your own unique voice.
  2. How to write in a way that leverages your reader’s neurochemistry, so you can effectively tap into their emotions each and every time.
  3. How to use the simple principles that consistently produce compelling, innovative, clear and creative writing.
  4. How to choose a book topic that people actually want to read, by being extremely self-aware in your skillset and goals.
  5. How to break through walls and stop writer’s block in its tracks, so you’re never left struggling to put words to paper.
Phase 2: The Writing Business
This phase is all about the publishing process, including book sale secrets and agent insider tricks. We’ll peel back the curtain and uncover everything Steven’s learned in over 30 years as a writer. You’ll learn...
  1. The road map followed by every bestseller to hit the market, including how to cope with tedious interviews, and how to select a world-class agent.
  2. The secrets to obtaining a six-figure book advance that most authors don’t want you to know for fear of competition.
  3. How to spot, or create, a niche in the market, so you’re always writing what you want, when you want, rather than settling.
  4. How to fully capitalize on your book launch, both personally and financially, so you’re set up for success and stability.
Phase 3: Creativity As A Science
We’ll go over the entire creative process from a scientific perspective, so you not only know what works but why. You’ll learn...
  1. What the neuroscience of creativity really is and how to use it to appeal to readers on an emotional level, generate interest, and build your community.
  2. How to turn creativity into a tangible, trainable skill that you never run out of.
  3. How to uncover exactly what’s going on behind the scenes of your most creative moments, and use that knowledge to cultivate them on demand.
  4. How to avoid the potential pitfalls of the creative personality, while reaping all the rewards.
  5. How to always be at your absolute best, even on your worst writing days.
Phase 4: The State of Flow
This phase covers what we like to call “Flow hacking.” It enables you to understand the step-by-step process required to increase creative frequency and quality.
  1. How to use Flow to boost your writing process to its full potential.
  2. How to leverage that Flow cycle of creativity, as well as its triggers, to improve your overall writing output.
  3. How to build a realistic writing routine you can stick to, and simultaneously maximize your progress and creativity.
  4. How to transform your environment into a center for ongoing development and training, so you’re always on the quest toward improvement.
Phase 5: Integration & Accountability
And finally, during phase 5 you’ll learn how to pinpoint the elements that lead to your success. We’ll study your progress, what tools and mindset strategies led to a productive workday, and then help you replicate that same scenario time and time again. You'll...
  1. Be assigned a writing buddy from the group that wants to learn as much as you do, so you can both hold each other accountable and motivated.
  2. Learn key exercises, habits, and hacks that enable you to not only retain all the material covered throughout the course but implement it on a daily basis.
  3. Become an exclusive member of our online community and be held accountable with continued feedback and support.

Steven is a 4x New York Times bestselling author, and 2x Pulitzer Prize nominee.

Having spent the bulk of his career as an award-winning journalist, he’s now the co-founder and Executive Director at the Flow Research Collective. A world-leading expert on high-level writing, he’s always on the hunt for new ways to reach more struggling writers. His objective? To alleviate those seemingly unavoidable pain points that quickly sour the writing process, leaving writers feeling less than. He aspires to reach more entrepreneurs, creatives, aspiring authors and writers, and help them achieve real success. He’s been featured in over 100 publications, including The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired and TIME magazine.

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"I was at my brink and never felt like I was getting anywhere. When I really embraced the principles of flow and brought those into my daily life I was able to see such an impactful improvement. Not just in my personal life, but in my mind, body, and soul. My personal confidence skyrocketed. I was actually able to take meaningful steps in my life."
Doug Cartwright
Founder, The Daily Shifts
"The Flow Research Collective is bringing the research around neuroscience and human behavior to a new level of context. Through my new sense of awareness, I’ve discovered purpose and belonging in my work and a deep sense of fulfillment."
Carol Growjenn
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